Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Future of Mobile Phones Could be Very Interesting

As mobile technology continues to grow, there will undoubtedly be more advancements in the field of cell phones. In fact, as we look towards the future, we not even be calling them “cell phones” at a certain point; some of the technology that is coming out and in the works is going to completely change the way we view connectivity and instantaneous interaction.
Let’s take a look at what we might see going forward in the realm of mobile phone technology:

Transparent/Pliable Phones

Unless you’ve just happened to get your first mobile phone or smart phone, pretty much everyone is well aware of the fragile nature of the modern cell phone. There have likely been more cases of dropped phones than dropped calls! A cell phone is an investment these days, which means we assign a high value to it; after all, we tend to put the contents of our entire life into our phones, and that can include everything from the contact information of your closest friends to your bank account. So we tend to invest in cases or protective coverings that will absorb even the harshest accident with the phone, in addition to protecting the screen cracking.
One such technology that we might see are phones that are made of transparent material, as well as being very pliable and having the ability to not be damaged by an accidental drop. The phone itself would be used as a display because of its transparency: this would mean you would be able to look at its contents from any angle such as the back, front, side and so on. Quite interesting!

Embedded Phones

Despite all of the fears regarding potential cancer issues from talking on our phones too much, there is talk of having the ability to embed communication devices in our heads in the future, as well as possibly in the hand or arm. While there would undoubtedly be plenty of testing done in advance, it would definitely completely change the face of communications throughout the world. Imagine having the ability to just think or speak a thought and have a message sent to someone else’s mind. A bit far-fetched you say? Well that might be the case, but in reality implanted devices would also have plenty of benefits; a communications device might be able to monitor your various health functions such as glucose levels for diabetics, or blood pressure and vital signs. It could sense impulses from your brain when you’re hungry and bring up a list of potential healthy food choices in your nearest location. The possibilities could be endless!

The overall idea seems to be that instant communication is not only a necessity, but also needed in our daily lives. It will be interesting to see how mobile phones and communications devices evolve over the next 20 to 30 years, so sit back and enjoy the ride!

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