Monday, February 15, 2016

The Top Uses for a Cell Phone

As a society, and even on a global scale, we often take the average cell phone for granted; that is, until we end up accidentally leaving it at home, the battery dies or until we need it in a fairly important situation. Before cell phones were common, the average individual had to rely on maps, written directions, landlines and more distinct interaction between individuals. While there were definitely pros and cons to that time, there can be no doubt that cell phones have opened up an entire new world.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common uses for mobile phones in our society:


Sending SMS text messages and other forms of textual messaging has completely changed the dynamic with the way we interact. Instead of needing to verbalize our communication, we can quickly send messages that can be read in complete silence anywhere one might be.  The precursor to texting could have been considered the pager, which was a device that notified someone when a certain number was trying to get a hold of them. Ultimately texting is a quick, simple and easy way to communicate, and has undeniably made many facets of life easier for most mobile phone users.


Email is still considered a more formal written way of communication, and having email access directly on our phones has allowed us to conduct business, personal or professional, right from our fingertips. It’s helped advance business and communications far more rapidly than thought possible! While there are drawbacks, especially in being able to be reached 24/7 in regards to work, it ultimately has been a game-changer.

Social Networking:

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram; the list goes on! Social networking is the center of communication for this generation, and is how we promote our lives, businesses and various networks. Instantaneous communication allows us to be one of the first to know about breaking news, the latest trends or any other piece of information that interests us.

There are many other uses of mobile phones, depending on the model that one might use. Smart phones are the modern variety and offer internet access and a host of other functions. You can download apps to learn a new language, review your favorite restaurant or shop online. The possibilities are endless.

Ultimately, whether you are in need of a smart phone or a standard mobile phone, there is no denying their usefulness in the day to day communication of our lives. If you are interested in a Lifetime mobile phone program in your state, sign up through Budget Mobile today to see if you are qualified!

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