Sunday, January 31, 2016

Top Emergency Phone Hacks

We live life through our cell phones in our modern society. At our fingertips is the ability to communicate with almost any individual throughout any point during the day. Whether it is through a traditional cell phone, or a top of the line smartphone, there is no denying that they hold an important place in our lives. If one happens to accidentally leave their phone at home during the day, most would say that they feel lost without it.
So when it comes to situations where we actually need our phones the most, such as critical emergencies, looking up directions or needing important information instantaneously, what happens when you have no service, or have no battery supply left? All hope is not lost: take a look at some of the excellent phone hacks that could help you out when you might need it the most.

Hidden Battery Reserve
Did you know that your cell phone actually has a hidden battery reserve? If your battery is about to die, try pressing the keys *3370# and you will suddenly have up to a 50% increase in the amount of battery life. This reserve will be recharged the next time you plug in your phone, so it is not just a one-time reserve. Give it a try the next time you are running low!

Overriding for Emergency Hack
If you are ever in a serious situation, and you find that your cell phone has exited the service or coverage area, call “112”, which is the world-wide emergency phone number. It will reach out and find the nearest cell phone coverage service and allow for emergency contact.

Charge Your Phone with a 9 Volt Battery
If you do not happen to have a power source for your phone, have no fear! All you need is your car phone charger, a key and a 9 Volt battery. Plug your phone into the car charger, then place the end of the car charger on the “+” or positive side of the 9 Volt battery. Take your metal key, place it in the “-“ or negative side of the battery, and tilt it to make it touch the metal end on the side of the charger. Your phone will immediately start charging, and very quickly at that!

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Monday, January 18, 2016

4 Tips for Staying Positive During Tough Times

We all know that we face adversity in life. Whether it is through personal relationships, job issues, financial strain, health reasons or something else, the reality is that there are always negative experiences that we have to weather. Understandably, these types of situations can really take a toll on our emotional well-being, which can potentially lead to a downward spiral of negative emotions, and sometimes even causing physical ailments.

Ultimately, one needs to focus on staying positive, even through the toughest of times. There are multiple ways of accomplishing this, so let’s take a look at four really effective ways for maintaining a positive attitude.

Go Out of Your Way to Encourage Others

You would be surprised about how much a difference one can make in another’s life, AND your own by encouraging other individuals. You want someone to feel positive and energized by being around you - not to mention that focusing on others can help pull yourself out of dwelling on negativity. Give it a try sometime!

Don’t Compare Your Life to Others

Not everyone walks the same path, thinks the same way, or even experiences challenges the same way as you do. It does no good to compare your life to others, especially since everyone has their own challenges in their own way. Focus on just yourself and resist the temptation to compare and contrast other individual’s lives!

Stay Grateful

Practicing an attitude of gratefulness can go a long way towards helping ward off negative feelings. While we may face different challenges along the way in our lives, there are still many blessings in our lives that we can see and focus on.

View it as a Challenge

One of the greatest quotes that one can take from facing hardships is actually from the martial artist Bruce Lee, who said “Do not pray for an easy life - pray for the strength to endure a difficult one”. He understood that by facing challenges and trials, they become opportunities for us to grow. Try to view these experiences and times as an opportunity to grow in a particular area of your life, and you will emerge at the end of the tunnel stronger than ever!

Staying positive can be very hard at times, especially during tough financial situations. Sometimes having access to personal help, such as the Lifeline government phone plans, or even a close friend to talk to can really make all the difference. Whatever the situation: financial, personal or anything in-between, focus on the previous points and you will undoubtedly see a difference in how you can face negative life experiences.