Friday, August 28, 2015

Free LifeLine Cell Phones in Oklahoma

free lifeline phones in oklahoma

For residents of Oklahoma that are having a hard time paying their bills, Budget Mobile now offers free lifeline phones in Oklahoma.  This is good news for people that are trying all they can to keep their head above water on their bills, but can’t seem to keep up.

Budget Mobile Lifeline plans in Oklahoma include a free smartphone with free cell phone service including unlimited calls and text messages, and 500mb of free mobile data.  The Lifeline plan is a free government cell phone program that helps people who cannot normally afford a cell phone and cell phone service.

To be eligible for a free government cell phone through Budget Mobile, applicants must qualify either through low-income verification or they must already be participating in another government sponsored financial relief program.  Programs that qualify include food stamps(SNAP), Medicaid, government housing, temporary assistance for needy families, and more.  To see a full list of qualifying program visit the Oklahoma LifeLine Plan Page. 

After qualifying for the LifeLine cell phone service program, qualified individuals won’t have to worry about going over in call minutes or texts messages due to the unlimited calls and texts plan. The free smartphones also come with 500mb of data each month, which means individuals can check emails, get directions, and use other services that require mobile data on a smartphone. 

To learn more about the free government cell phone LifeLine plan offered by Budget Mobile, please visit the resources section of the Budget Mobile website.