Wednesday, July 15, 2015

What is a LifeLine Phone?

LifeLine Phone

Have you heard of the term LifeLine Phone but not sure what it means?  There are a lot of different cell phone service plans out there these days and it can sometimes be hard to know the differences between all the different cell phone plans.

LifeLine Phone Plans Explained

LifeLine phone plans are setup to help low income families manage their monthly finances by providing a free cell phone with free calls and text messages.   These phones are sometimes called Obama phones which some people like or dislike, but the goal is simple, to help those in need.

These free government phones provided are often refurbished phones and eligible participants can either get a free smartphone or a free regular cell phone through this program.  Along with this free phone, LifeLine Phone participants also receive free cell phone service including free calls, text messages, and free mobile data in participating states. 

LifeLine Phone Eligibility

LifeLine Phone Eligibility

To be eligible for a LifeLine Phone, participants must meet specific income requirements.  These income requirements vary by each state and it is important to find information for your specific state. 

Another common way to qualify for a free LifeLine phone is to participate in a current government funded program such as food stamps (SNAP) and Medicaid. 

There are no contracts in the Budget Mobile LifeLine Phone program, but in order to remain qualified, participants need to re-enroll each year. 

To see if you qualify for a free LifeLine phone, click here.

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