Thursday, June 25, 2015

NEW - Free 250MB of Data + Free Unlimited Calls & Texts for California

Do you find it difficult to save money while the cost of nearly everything you buy is going up?  Budget Mobile understands that not everyone can afford a cell phone service, which is the reason it has partnered with the government funded LifeLine Phone Plan program.  This program includes a FREE phone with FREE Unlimited calling minutes, Unlimited text messages, and now includes 250mb of FREE data for those that qualify and live in California.

Budget Mobile has been providing free government assisted cell phone service including a free government phone now for thousands of Californians who are in need of financial assistance.  This LifeLine Phone program through Budget Mobile allows many people access to what many people take for granted such as calling or texting a family member for childcare help, calling to setup a doctors appointment, or using a map feature on a smart to help them find the nearest bus stop or gas station. 

The new option of free cell phone data to the residents of California who qualify is expected to help out thousands of people.  With the majority of American’s being connected online every minute of the day, this new FREE 250mb of data will help those who cannot afford a data plan to stay competitive with the rest of the people that live California.

This means they can access time sensitive emails from potential and current employers, help register for appointments online such as a doctors appointment, or to find the nearest grocery store.

Do you know if you qualify for a free government cell phone through Budget Mobile? You may qualify if you are currently enrolled in government-funded programs such as food stamps (SNAP), Medicaid, or housing assistance.  To see if you qualify for a free LifeLine Phone that includes FREE cell phone service with Unlimited Calls, Texts, and 250mb of data, click here. 

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