Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Free Cell Phones and Monthly Budgets Help Save Money

If you're looking at your paycheck and wondering how you're going to cover all your expenses, setting up a monthly budget is a great way to make sure you're living within your means.  The first step to setting up a budget is to look at what you need to have to get by each month and what the associated cost are.  This does not include extra's such as going to the movies or going out to a restaurant once or twice a month.  Below is a partial list of basic necessities that most people need each month.  For a complete list of items you should consider budgeting for,  click here
  • Rent/Mortgage
  • Renters or Home Insurance
  • Utilities - gas/electric
  • Water/Sewage/Trash
  • Phone (Free phone plans are available through Budget Mobile to those who qualify)
  • Internet
  • Food
  • Daily toiletries - shampoo, soap, etc.
  • Gas or transportation cost
  • Auto Insurance 
  • Health Insurance
  • Healthcare Cost
  • Clothing
After reviewing all of your monthly expenses, review what income you have coming in on a monthly basis to see if you're able to cover your monthly expenses.  If you have any extra money left over from your paycheck when you compare it to your expenses, you can leave a little extra money for unexpected events and the rest should go into a savings account.  

Save money with FREE cell phones including free calls and texts

Budget Mobile offers free government cell phones that include free calling and text messaging for those that qualify.  Qualifications vary by state, but you can qualify in most states if you are receiving food stamps(SNAP), you are on Medicaid, or receive financial housing assistance.  It is important to know that only one person per household can qualify for a free cell phone that includes free calls and text messages.  

To learn more about free government cell phones including free calls and text messages through Budget Mobile, contacts us through the Budget Mobile Facebook Page or Visit our FAQ Page for more information.

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