Thursday, April 9, 2015

Public Libraries and Free Cell Phones Help Californians Save Money

Public Libraries are much more than free paperback and hardcover books these days.  They are a true community resource that have evolved over the years to help bring the community together and provide resources that can help all types of people.

Not too long ago, the public library was limited in its resources it provided the community as it generally only rented out books, magazines, and maps at no cost to the community.  Over time, public libraries have evolved to keep pace with its communities changing needs.  There are still thousands of books for people to check out and the topics cover anything from your favorite romance novel to a guide on how to remodel your bathroom.  To adjust to the busy lifestyle of people these days, public libraries also offer audio books for people on the go, such as when you are driving to and from work or on a family road trip. 

Libraries often provide a great place for many people to conduct work as they usually have desk and cubbies where you can stay focused.  This can be a great getaway for people searching for a job or people who work from home that just need to get out of the house.  It also beats the local coffee shop where you typically spend $5 each time you go and you usually have someone waiting for you to get up and leave.

In addition to these great offerings, public libraries often times have free Internet, free movie and DVD rentals, and they also have hundreds of events for children.

Another great way in which you can save money is through the Budget Mobile LifeLine program.  This is a government-assisted program that is designed for people have trouble applying for a cell phone or when they have a cell phone, paying the monthly bill.  Budget Mobile offers a free LifeLine phone that includes unlimited calls and text messages.

Free Cell Phones for People in California

Through this free government cell phone program, you never have to worry about where you are going to come up with the money to pay your monthly bill or if you’re going to go over a monthly minute or text message limit.

Free Cell Phone Qualifications

To see if you qualify for a free government cell phone, click here to see if you meet the requirements.  If you are receiving assistance from one of the other government assisted programs such as foods stamps or government assisted housing, you can qualify for a free cell phone from Budget Mobile.

If you have additional questions on whether you qualify for a free government cell phone through Budget Mobile, please contact us through our chat service or through our Facebook or Twitter pages.

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