Monday, March 2, 2015

Stay In Touch With A Free Government Cell Phone

Staying in touch seems so simple. Just pick up the phone and dial a number or send a text. Simple, right? Not necessarily. A phone plan can be very expensive and when you’re trying to decide between heating your home, feeding your family, and keeping your phone turned on. When you apply for and are approved for a free government phone from Budget Mobile, you’ll receive free minutes and texts each month.

A free mobile phone makes staying in touch easy for our customers. Whether it’s staying in touch with your doctor, or hearing back from a potential employer, a free phone for low income families makes staying in touch simple. The end of the month becomes something you don’t have to fear.

Sign up on our website in just a few minutes and you’ll receive your phone in just a few weeks. There’s no better way to spend the next 10 minutes. Have questions? Chat with our customer service staff on our website or get in touch with us on Twitter and Facebook.

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