Monday, February 16, 2015

Stay In Touch With Free Cell Phones

One of the most important things we need in modern society is to be in touch. It’s more than maintaining relationships with friends and family. It’s being able to contact emergency services if something happens. Knowing that you have a direct link to the doctor’s office to hear about your kids. A way for employers to reach you. A phone isn’t a privilege. It’s a necessity as much as electricity and indoor plumbing are.

Budget Mobile’s free mobile phone with free texts and free minutes every month are a way for our customers to always be in touch. A free government phone through the Lifeline program may be the only way for some of our customers to get in touch with their child’s school or their elderly parent’s doctor. The reasons of importance for being touch with the rest of the world are as unique as each of our customers.

Wondering if you qualify? Have questions about how to sign up? We’re happy to talk you through everything you need to know. Just visit us on our website and fill out this form or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter

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