Monday, January 19, 2015

Free Phones Make People Smile In California

Did you know that this week is considered the most depressing week of the year? We’re far enough from Christmas that the joy of the holidays has begun to fade and winter is a long way from being over. But you live in California, which makes things much more bearable, and a free government cell phone with free unlimited talk and text each month is sure to chase those blues away.
It’s easy to sign up on our website for a free phone for low income families. Just select the program you want to qualify under, upload your proof, and BOOM. You’re on the road to waving good bye to being out of touch with your employer, family, and other important people in your life. You’ve never been so happy to have your boss be able to reach you. Get your free unlimited talk and free unlimited text on your free government cell phone in just a few weeks when you sign up on our website.
You may have some questions, and we’re happy to answer those. You can get in touch with us on our website or on Facebook and Twitter. No matter where you choose to interact with us, we’re happy to be able to help you solve your needs.

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