Monday, January 12, 2015

Free Cell Phone Helps January Go By Quickly

The best part of January is knowing that spring is getting closer. The daylight is (slowly) getting longer…even if it’s not getting any warmer out there. Still, this can be the scariest time of year for many people. Cold is unforgiving and dangerous. It’s important to know what programs you qualify for, like LIHEAP to help keep the heat on in the dead of winter. After all, not all of us come equipped with a built in winter coat! Another need? Keeping in touch with employers, family, and other important people in your life.

With a free government phone from Budget Mobile, you won’t have to worry about keeping in touch with people. Free minutes and texts each month will ensure that your boss will be able to tell you about your promotion and that you can let grandma know Sunday dinner has changed locations. A cell phone isn’t a luxury in our society anymore. It’s a necessary tool we use to make our lives run every day.

Spend five minutes on our website applying for free phone service and a free government cell phone and never worry about phone service again. Have questions? Connectwith us on our website, Facebook, or Twitter.

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