Monday, December 15, 2014

Free Government Cell Phone in California Makes Christmas Merry

Not that you need reminding, but Christmas is next week. For many people in California, that doesn't mean joy. It means they fear not being able to put something under the tree for their kids. Choosing between monthly bills and making memories for your children is a heartbreaking decision. One that becomes easier to make with a free government cell phone from Budget Mobile.

With free unlimited talk and text in California, those who qualify can say goodbye to expensive phone bills. A free California LifeLine phone frees up extra money each month that, at this time of year, can make memories for a lifetime for those kids.

With free unlimited text and free unlimited talk every month from Budget Mobile, and a free government cell phone, our customers can get some relief. That makes the dollars each month stretch just a little bit further. Which is really important every month, but especially this time of year. Have questions? Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Image: Ryan Vaarsi

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