Monday, November 24, 2014

Free Cell Phones Make The Holidays Jolly In California

Thanksgiving this week marks the official start to the holiday season. Even if Christmas ads have been running since Halloween. For many people, this is the best time of year. Time spent with family and friends and a happy time. For many of our customers, this is the most difficult time of year as they struggle to make ends meet. A free government cell phone can help make Christmas happen for some.

A free cellphone with free unlimited talk and text each month for low income families eliminates an expensive phone bill. That service is something no one can afford to be without. With a California LifeLine phone from Budget Mobile, our customers can stay in touch with employers, potential employers, family, and friends during the holiday season.

Spend just a few minutes on our website and get signed up. Start by entering your zip code. We’ll get a bit more information from you and that’s it. As soon as you’ve uploaded your proof of need, the process is started and in a few short weeks you’ll have your free cell phone. Have questions? Join us on Facebook and Twitter.

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