Monday, October 6, 2014

Welcome To California LifeLine Service

Congratulations! You’ve decided to enroll in California LifeLine services with Budget Mobile. First of all, let us welcome you to the family. We’re happy to have you join us and we’ll do our best to make sure you enjoy your experience with us. One of the biggest questions we get in the sign up process is a two-part: 1 – What kind of proof of need to you require and 2 – How can I send my proof of need to you? 

The first part of that question is best answered by visiting the State of California’s website dedicated to the lifeline program. It details exactly what programs qualify you and the types of proof we can accept. The second part is answered here on our website. There are six different ways to send us your proof, ranging from fax, to standard mail, to using your webcam. You can read through all the details by visiting this link.

Again, we couldn’t be more excited for you to join the Budget Mobile family! Check us out on Facebook and Twitter.

Image: Friedman Photography via Flickr CC 2.0

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