Monday, September 29, 2014

New Budget Mobile Store In Oakland, California

You’ve probably guessed that we have a crush on California by now. It’s a fantastic place to be, and with the weather turning colder elsewhere in the country we can’t stay away. In fact, we’ve opened several new stores in California as something of a love letter to the Golden State.

Our newest location is in Oakland at 10329 International Blvd; our second location in Raider Nation. We’re really excited about joining the neighborhood on the south side of town and can’t wait to meet everyone. Just stop by and see if you qualify in just a few minutes for California LifeLine service. If you qualify for Cal-Fresh, Medi-Cal, LIHEAP, or other government assistance programs, you likely qualify. 

Visit our website and find out in just a few minutes if you qualify, or check us out on Facebook and Twitter.

Connect With A Free Lifeline Cell Phone

Simplicity is a lovely thing. Today’s world is complex in just about every way you can imagine.
That’s why we make it as simple as possible to become a Budget Mobile customer through our website. Still, sometimes people have questions; which we love to answer (say hi to us on Facebook and Twitter!). 

If you’d like to talk to us face-to-face, that’s understandable and why we have store locations all across the United States. There will always be something about having a conversation with a person who is standing in front of you as opposed to through a computer screen. You can get all your questions answered and shake the hand of your friendly Budget Mobile associate to complete the deal. 

We love connecting people with their free Lifeline cell phone. It’s so much fun to see someone realize they don’t have to worry about their phone bill every month. Visit a store location, or stop by our website, to learn more about the Lifeline program in your state.

Image: Official GDC via Flickr CC 2.0

Monday, September 22, 2014

California LifeLine Prepaid Plans

Living in California is all sorts of awesome. Beaches, hiking, some of the most beautiful coastline
scenery in the United States…the list is endless about the fantastic things to see and do in the Golden State. Which means you might be consistently burning through all your California LifeLine minutes. Not to worry! We have prepaid plans you can choose from that are discounted thanks to your California LifeLine account.

Whether you find yourself constantly talking on your phone, or just want the security of knowing you won’t run out of minutes, or need a lot of data, there’s a prepaid option for you. These plans start at just $17.60 each month. Find a plan that works with your family’s budget and go with it! And our standard California LifeLine program plan will ALWAYS be 100% free.

Think those plans look pretty great? We do, too. Click through and purchase one today! If you have questions, or just want to take that new data plan for a spin, check us out on Facebook or Twitter.