Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Go Green With Free Cell Phone Plans

Happy Earth Day! This is always a date we look forward to as it really marks spring FINALLY arriving. There's just something about the sun shining and birds singing that puts a smile on your face, isn't there? Earth Day is also a great day to remind ourselves about the need to take care of this world we've been given, and the small steps we can take to preserve it. Rather than throw that straw wrapper out of your car window, put it in the cup-holder and throw it away when you get home. Rather than spend big money on a new cell phone, check out our Lifeline cell phone plan to see if
you qualify!

We have plans with free cell phones, free minutes, and free texts for those who qualify. If you don't qualify, we will still beat nearly any other deal you can find with plans ranging from $5 a month to $30 for unlimited talk and text and 500 MB of data each month. No matter what your need, Budget Mobile has a plan that fits. Want to learn more? Visit us online or call us at 888.777.4007!