Thursday, June 20, 2013

Budget Mobile Launches Lifeline Service in West Virginia

Budget Mobile, an industry leader in Prepaid Phone Services and Lifeline Cell Phones, has announced the launch of Budget Mobile Lifeline service in West Virginia.
Budget Mobile offers government assisted wireless services to low income families and individuals.  Budget Mobile offers Lifeline discounts to qualified customers who meet certain eligibility such as Medicaid, food stamps, Federal Housing Assistance, National School Luncheon, Supplemental Security Income, other government assistance and household income requirements.
As a part of Budget Mobile’s ongoing commitment to provide the highest level of service to their customers, Budget Mobile has expanded their existing Lifeline coverage to West Virginia via their website,, and call center. Budget Mobile’s state of the art website and professional call center offer a convenient, friendly way to participate in the Lifeline program and access free government wireless services, prepaid wireless service and cell phone accessories.  The website & call center allow Budget Mobile to become connected with the customers it serves, in addition to offering an immediate, personal point of service.
To find out more regarding Lifeline requirements, prepaid cellular phones and service, please visit or call Budget Mobile toll free at (888) 777-4007.
Budget Mobile’s comprehensive list of products and services include:
Lifeline Service
Lifeline Assisted Cell Phones
Free Cell Phones
Cell Phone Accessories
Additional Mobile Minutes & Text Services
Phone Tutorials
Prepaid cellular service
Unlimited Talk and Text
Talk and Text Plan

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