Monday, November 17, 2014

Free Cell Phones in California Make Ends Meet

Making ends meet in California can be difficult. A free LifeLine phone with free unlimited talk and text every month along with a free government phone make those ends much easier to meet. Our customers need to stay in touch with employers, family, friends, and other important people in their lives. A free phone makes that much easier to manage.

By eliminating a phone bill each month, California LifeLine customers are able to put that money towards other needs. Gas to get to work. Food for their families. Heating or cooling their homes. Unlimited talk and text on a free LifeLine phone every month make it possible to find and keep a job for many of our customers.

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Free Government Phones Easily Obtained Through Budget Mobile

A free Lifeline phone may be the only tool our customers have to communicate with the most important people in their lives. Employers, potential employers, family, and friends all depend on a free government phone from Budget Mobile to get in touch with our customers. So how difficult is it to obtain a free phone for low income families? Not difficult at all.

Visit our website and enter your zip code to get started. In just a few minutes you’ll finish the application process for a free mobile cell phone. In just a few short weeks you’ll have your free government cell phone and will be able to stay in touch with your employers, family, and friends without the worry of paying your phone bill each month.

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Unlimited Free Talk And Text for California LifeLine Customers

California is an absurdly large state, in many different ways. It has the most people living inside its borders. It has the most electoral votes. It has the 3rd most coastline of any state. Frankly, there’s just A LOT of, well, everything in California. Which is why we offer unlimited talk and text on a free government cell phone in the Golden State.

With unlimited free minutes and unlimited text on a free cell phone, Californians have the freedom to make that appointment for a new job, or take the emergency phone call from grandma, or anything else they need to do. And they don’t have to worry about whether they have enough minutes to let grandma know her favorite soap opera hasn't been cancelled. She’s just on the wrong channel.

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Understanding Free Government Phones

Free government phones don’t sound confusing, but we still get questions about what exactly we
need to sign someone up for a Lifeline cell phone. Lifeline is a government assistance program to help those in need keep in touch with current or potential employers, family, and friends.

If you qualify for programs like food stamps, Medicaid, or WIC you likely qualify for a free government phone from Budget Mobile. The type of proof we need varies by which program you intend to sign up under. For example, if you choose to sign up with food stamps, we simply require an image of your EBT card. Other programs, like WIC or LIHEAP, require us to have your annual award letter with its statement of benefits. You can check with our customer service folks first if you need to double check.

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Monday, November 3, 2014

Free Cell Phones and Fun in California

There’s always something happening in California. No matter the time of day (or night), something is going on that’s worth calling someone about. With unlimited free minutes, unlimited free texts, and a free government cell phone, California LifeLine customers don’t ever have to concern themselves with not being able to reach someone.

A California LifeLine phone is often the only means of communication many of our customers have to reach potential employers, family, friends, and emergency services. Without a free government cell phone and free cell phone service from Budget Mobile, they’d have no way to get calls from their kids’ teachers, the doctor, or many other places. With unlimited talk and text, our California LifeLine customers don’t need to worry about that anymore.

Click over to our website and find out in minutes if you’re eligible for a free government cell phone, free unlimited talk and free unlimited text. Have questions? We’d love to answer them. Find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Free Government Cell Phones Help Budget Mobile Customers

People in need deserve to be helped. That’s the foundation of our beliefs here at Budget Mobile. In free cell phone may be the only form of communication many of them have access to.
the past, you could make the argument that a cell phone was a luxury. In today’s society, that is just not the case anymore. With 50 million Americans living below the federal poverty line, a

There are several programs to qualify for a free government cell phone ranging from food stamps, to WIC, to Medicaid, and meeting low-income requirements. To find out what the requirements are in your state, simply visit our website for more information on how you can get signed up for free cell phone service and free government cell phones.

If you have questions after clicking on your state and reading that information about freegovernment cell phones in your state, visit us on Facebook or Twitter. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have there.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Unlimited Talk and Text In California LifeLine

The response to our new unlimited free minutes and unlimited free text offering in California has been amazing. We’re excited to be able to offer this and offer even more flexibility to our customers in California. Unlimited talk and unlimited text with a free cell phone means more job interviews, more family time, and more happiness. 

If you’re a current Budget Mobile customer, don’t worry. You’ll be receiving unlimited talk and text as well. It’s going to take us (about) 30 days to get everyone upgraded to our new unlimited plan, so please be patient with us as we complete that transition. We’re just as excited as you are about this offering, and can’t wait for everyone in California to be able to take advantage.

Interested in signing up? Visit our website. Know someone who needs a California LifeLine phone? Send them to our website. Want to switch from another Lifeline provider? Visit our website. Have questions? Visit our website or connect with us on Facebook or Twitter.